Two really nice pages we found for you!

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The first one is an awesome browser based Photoshop - clone, powerful and really awesome. The second one is another free resource for images you can use.

Photopea | Online Photo Editor

This tool is really awesome. You can open, create, edit and export all available graphic formats even PSDs. When you open a graphic you have powerful toolset which allows you to make your adjustments ( similar to photoshop ). I think this is a very useful resource, especially for all e-commerce guys who have deal with pictures almost daily. I am using this tool now for months and i don't need other tools no more.

The use is for free and if you have used photoshop before you can start in a few minutes. The entire software is browser based!

Just check it out:

Pikwizard | Free Stock Photos & Royalty Free Images for Commercial Use

We already had introduced some sources for free stock photos in the past ( ), but its always better to have even more resources.  

So pikwizard is offering free photos and also photos you have to purchase. They are mixing it up by linking "premium" pics from other pages. So if you search for something you normally get a mixed set. If you found a picture of desire, you have the possibility to edit this one before you download it, directly in the browser. They have their own "designwizard", thats pretty cool.

Check it out:

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