Building powerful and user-centric e-commerce solutions does not have to be a struggle.
With sleekshop we offer you the solution. A platform for rapid development of your visions,
for brands that want to scale.

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Welcome to sleekshop

We want to provide you a platform, empowering you to build the most exceptional e-commerce solutions for your brand and customers.
We are developers and have built a lot of e-commerce with different platforms, before we started sleekshop.
So the drive for building sleekshop as a software was the desire to have a platform which offers
the maximum flexibility in all directions, the maximum scaleability and concepts for rapid development.

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The most flexible e-commerce solution

To build the extraordinary you need freedom. Freedom can evolve where restrictions are teared down.

Processing data is the fundament of your e-commerce application. You shouldn't be limited while modelling the needed structures.

With sleekshop you can create any data structure needed with just a few clicks. Create different classes with different attributes for all kind of products you want to sell.
This data structures can also be adjusted for all content you want to serve, users and warehouse - entities. Once you have created these attributes you can search for them and update them, not only from the backend, but also via API. Enjoy your freedom!

Enrich cart elements you added with individual attributes. Add free - elements for configurable products or regular products you added via backend. Add as many sub - elements as you want. Your orders can also be enriched with individual attributes you add via api in the checkout - process. These attributes can be updated and searched via api. There are no limits for your individual checkout - process and cart functionalities.

Deploy e-commerce functionality easily and tested, into all desired projects, with any programming language, on any device. Our powerful e-commerce API is in use for many years and works fine for many happy customers. Over the years we evolved it into one of the most sophisticated e-commerce api's in the market.

Some business - cases need more individuality.
sleekshop allows you to integrate your individual software solution into the backend. This kind of extensions can be used for very special business - solutions that need to interact with your backend - data.

Focus on the brand

Knowing that you have the appropriate technical infrastructure allows you to focus on what really matters.

When you have the technological flexibility you can let your ideas flow. Create outstanding e-commerce solutions for your brand. Express individuality and exceptional user experience for all pages, for your cart and your checkout process.

Use sleekshops powerful and well documented e-commerce api to connect your pages with sleekshop and bring your project into life. Use the language you prefer and optimize for all desired devices.

Being faster than competitors is a key for success. Cloud-based infrastructure allows you to deploy e-commerce functionality into any project via API. Quick, reliable and tested. Maintain and evolve your project easily.

Quick, reliable and scaleable

Successful brands need a solid technological base to grow efficiently. That's exactly what we offer.

All backends are hosted on AWS with clustered servers located in Germany.

Sleekshop is optimized for speed and high loads. Our reliable and high performance technology allows cost effective and solid growth.

Our dev - team is continuosly improving and maintaining sleekshops functionality and performance. For you all this updates are included.

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