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We calculate the traffic usage of your e-commerce application via API.


Euro monthly (VAT incl.)

74 MB

traffic incl.

0,119 EUR/MB

further usage (VAT incl.)

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Our pricing

We calculate the traffic your applications produces via API. All requests produce a response in JSON or XML depending on your configuration.

The basic monthly fee is 8,90 EUR (vat incl.). In this fee a traffic usage of 74 MB is included. After the 74 MB are consumed any further use of the API is calculated with 0,119 EUR / MB. Only the Data (JSON or XML) will be calculated.

The images and backend operations won't be calculated.

Let‘s calculate the costs quickly

To calculate the correct traffic via API there are two main values which are important: the hits and the KB/hits. The KB/hits define the average KBs that are transferred via API with each hit. Normally this value is between 8KB and 11KB. The Conversion rate and the Visitors are used to estimate the number of orders. The Conversion rate is usually a value between 0.03 and 0.06 where 0.03 means that 3% of the visitors are checking out.

KB / Hits
300 Orders
500 MB
41 Euro

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