Strong user authentication is now available!

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Beginning at the 14. of Sept. stripe will support the SCA (Strong User Authentication). We have updated our service to support this. Developers using sleekshop have to adjust their sleekshop projects to be able to continue accepting creditcard - payments.

To support the strong user authentication we have changed the api and the payment process of stripe.


The Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new regulation rule in europe which will come into effect on 14.09.2019. This new approach shall enhance the customer security especially when it comes to creditcard payments. This is nothing that was decided by us but it will increase customer security. E-Commerce sites that don't support the new guidelines can experience more rejected payments after the 14.09.2019. Form more informations :

The new process

Now we don't collect creditcard details in the checkout - process. The user chooses stripe as payment - method. When the get_payment_methods - call is executed in the arguments - section of the stripe - payment an argument public_key will be shown. This public - key is needed later. Then we show the order_summary page. Here nothing changes. When the do_payment request is executed we will receive a token that is needed in the next - step.

Take care in your scripts that the token is visible in your code! Check also the github repo:

After the last order-commit button is pressed you normally show a checkout - page. On this page you have to include the following stripe - libary: 

<script src=""></script>

And also the following javascript - code which will execute the redirect to the stripe - payment - page:


  var stripe = Stripe('{{The public - key you received after get_payment_methods}}');


  sessionId: '{{The token you received after do_payment}}'

}).then(function (result) {



The user will be redirected to a safe page where the payment takes place. If the payment was successful the user will be directed to the success_url. Otherwise the user will be redirected to the cancel_url.

You can edit all needed field in the administration panel of your backend in the tab payments. Go to the stripe payment method and you will see the following fields:

There are also some points you should pay attention concerning your stripe - dashboard:

- Add a Account - name

- paste your publishable key into your sleekshop - backend.

This is all you need to support the SCA.

For further informations :

If you need help, just write a ticket :

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