We open up our e-commerce api

Back 2019-01-19 14:07:41
For the first time we are opening the API - requests that enable the creation of products and the modification of them.

For the first time we are opening up the API write requests for developers. Until now the requests are not available for everyone. They are just opened for a few selected developers for beta-tests. Hopefully we will open up the possibilities for everyone in the next few weeks. Until then we will describe the request details in the known API - documentation.

One thing has changed in the backend due to the upcoming changes, its the licence_secret_key.

This key needs to be provided when you want to execute one of these "write-requests". The Key can be found in the administration - section of your backend where you also find the other credentials.

We started with requests enabling the creation and modification of products and the creation of variants. After that we will also provide api-requests that offer the possibility of creation of content.

We keep you informed.

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