Interview with Christian Potts

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Since the last sleekshop Masterclass ViperDev is a certified sleekshop Solution Provider. We talked with Christan Potts about ViperDev and why he wants to work with sleekshop in the future.

Hi Christian, can you shortly introduce yourself? 

My name is Christian Potts, and I'm originally from San Francisco, California. I'm currently working at ViperDev here in Hamburg as a Junior Software Developer while also completing my masters studies. 

Can you explain what viperdev is doing and what kind of services you provide? 

At ViperDev, we focus on developing MVP's (Minimum Viable Products) for our clients as swiftly as possible. Given an Idea from our clients, we focus on developing them a product that maximizes the useful functionalities in the system, so that we can get there product out into the market quickly with optimal value. We like to focus on the essentials. So we function as an agency but really focus on getting our clients quality results. 

Can you describe how a project normally expires after a customer starts to work with viperdev? 

Usually, A client would come to us with an Idea, we'd pitch them our offer, and given the complexity of the app or whatever it is they have us working on, we'd get them a finished product within 30 days. We try to simplify the whole process and get our clients what they need. 

What kind of benefits sleekshop provides for developers in your opinion?

Sleekshop's intuitive backend and API would help developers greatly in the E-Commerce side of development. It's a tool that's easy to learn and implement, and could get your E-Commerce products off the ground much faster then you would with out it. I mean, at ViperDev, we're all about Speed and Quality. For developers like us, this is a tool we really want in our back pocket.

Thanks for your time!

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