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The applications - feature of sleekshop enables you to develop individual applications adding value to your business, directly implemented into you backend.

For months developers working with sleekshop are demanding the possibility to add individual applications to the backends of their customers. Now this is possible!

We added a new applications - menu which enables you to implement individual applications into you backend with just a few clicks.  Furthermore we added the instant_login api - request which offers authentication for you application with the users - backend credentials.

The added applications appear in the backend - users menu and are displayed within an iframe. The instant_login guarantees that only authorized users can access the application.

How the instant - login works

Each application that is created within the sleekshop - backend will receive an unique application_id. This application id has to be saved in your application. Whe the user clicks on a registered application a token is generated which, in combination with the application_token, can be used to grant access. The iframe that is loaded sends a GET parameter named token with the corresponding token to the url you used to register your application. Your application can send back the token and the application-token via API. Therefore the instant_login request is used. If the authentication was successful, you will receive the user - data and a session where user is actually logged in.

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